Studies On Hexachords #4

Instruments: Piano

Inspired by the great book (as of now unpublished) "Hexachords – a resource for composers" by composer, orchestrator and author Sonny Kompanek, my short piano piece, #4 in a series, is based on the hexachord 22122.
As stated in the book "Each digit represents the number of half steps from the lowest to highest note of the hexachord, reading from left to right." So, at transposition 0, 22122 would represent c,d,e,f,g,a. There are 80 primary hexachords in the 12 tone scale.
Yet displacement of notes, stacking of transpositions and other techniques provide a wealth of material. I take many liberties as the piece progresses and develops, where the primary principal that takes over at a point is motivic development – "carved out" from the principal hexachord. Tonal structures as well are often derived from selecting certain notes from by stacked hexachords.

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